Learning How to Draw as a Designer


Perhaps the biggest hurdle I've had to face since transitioning from graphic design to the more three-dimensional product design is adjusting to the technical demands of the discipline. One of these demands is drawing. Whereas in graphic design, most drawings are wireframe sketches or personal idea doodles, in product design, drawing is a part of every phase of the design process––from ideation sketches to exploratory and explanatory drawings to persuasive renderings. The practice is crucial to product design in order for designers, collaborators, clients, and manufacturers to understand how a system works.

I've learned this only recently as this semester was my first, real foray into product design.


In my Process Drawing and Digital Presentation course, a (rightfully) required one, we've explored all the types of drawing necessary to the design of products, including ideation, two-point and three-point perspective, exploratory, multi-view, concept, and explanatory.

It’s got me thinking: If it helps to draw from beginning to end, why not apply this newfound skill to other disciplines of design?